EcoClean Feeders

Our exclusive EcoClean®️ products include the most innovative patented technology on the market. Available in a variety of feeder types and accessories, EcoClean products feature 24/7 protection that will not wear off or wash away. The parts are treated using an environmentally friendly technology that inhibits the surface growth of damaging bacteria, mold and other microbes to keep things cleaner for the birds.


Squirrel Solutions

Do squirrels and other mammals drive you crazy when trying to feed the birds? We sell solutions at Wild Birds Unlimited. There are lots of ways to protect your food. From strategic positioning, to feeders that close, to hot pepper to cages. Come in and talk to our staff and determine what is the best method for you and your yard.



Flaming Hot Feast Seed - NEW Product Alert

Your favorite birds are in for a treat and your squirrels will finally be beat! Infused with the natural oil of hot peppers. The birds enjoy the meaty hot mix while the squirrels and other mammals can’t stand the heat. This seed is HOT HOT HOT so remember to wash your hands. Contains loads of sunflower hearts, peanuts, golden safflower, mealworms and capsaicin.




Daily Savings Club (DSC) Save 15% off all bird food all year.

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Hot Pepper Seed Feed the birds not the squirrels

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We are a dementia friendly business We share your fight against dimentia. Our family is also affected and we support dementia awareness.

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